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Dream Getaway: Montana

Dream Getaway: MontanaI have to admit that I am feeling totally exhausted by my day-to-day responsibilities. My life is one that I’ve architected into something I love, so complain, I can not. But I do think my brain could use a good old-fashioned shut down for a week’s worth of time. I think a warm weathered Montana would suit my requirements perfectly.

  1. Wander by foot and peek at the wildlife.
  2. Hike to the places with the best views.
  3. Lay out under the stars, every night.
  4. Soak in the Boiling River over the border at Yellowstone.
  5. Oblige myself with four-hour long picnics.
  6. Read every Tom Robbins book.
  7. Find the best fries in the nearest town.

A Weekend Jaunt to Brattleboro

A few weeks ago Konrad and I took an overnight trip to Brattleboro, Vermont. It’s not very far from where we live but for whatever reason we rarely make drive, which is truly a shame because it’s a beautiful journey and Brattleboro boasts an awesome co-op, and our little town does not.
We had good intentions to take part in the art walk that happens on the first Friday of every month, but we ended up having a lazy early dinner at an English style pub, and catching a movie for the first time in months (we saw Gravity – holy panic attic).

For the most part we wandered around off-beat trails and kept our eyes out for candy and house plants (two items that are always on our shopping list).

In you ever find yourself in New England, I’d highly recommend a visit!

konrad and riley by the river

autumn road, tunnel of light in vermont

keys at the latchis hotel

brattleboro vines on brick wall

konrad at the water

konrad by the water

riley walking along the dam

rock and grass textures

Throwback Thursday: LA Hotel Room

hotel messFeeling super nostalgic for the West Coast road trip we went on almost four years ago. I can’t even believe it’s been that long. This photo is from our week in LA where we proceeded to make a huge mess in our hotel room getting ready for the video we were there shooting. If you think it’s weird that there was a bunk bed, it’s because the place turned out to be a hostel full of foreigners – they normally don’t book Americans but I guess we somehow slipped under the radar. And don’t worry we cleaned up the mess.

Wedding Weekend in Beverly

beverly rocky water coastA few weekends ago we drove down to Massachusetts for a friend’s wedding. It was held at the Landmark School on the water, and the weather was flawless. The weekend happened to be the one right between my last day at my day job and my new life as a freelancer/entrepreneur. It was the perfect break.

looking through the binoculars
These binoculars were setup on the second floor deck to look out at the water during the reception.

boat through the binoculars
Konrad took this photo with his iPhone through the lenses! I was impressed.