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The Secret to a Great Closet

Catherine Deane gown from Rent the RunwayThis post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

You know those dresses you buy for a wedding, a holiday party, a fancy date – you wear them once and then never again? Imagine spending the same amount to rent an even more incredible dress, which you can then ship off at no cost to you, and without even having the think about the cleaning? All you have to worry about is taking all those complements in stride, and choosing which one of the number of gorgeous photos you’ve been tagged in to use as your new profile photo.

Enter Rent the Runway. Now you can rent amazing designer clothes for a fraction (seriously, the smallest percentage) of the price. The above $2000 Catherine Deane gown is available for $70. This $3000 Reem Acra gown is yours for $80. Insane, right? They also carry jewelry, handbags, accessories and outerwear. You could even rent your wedding gown.

Right now, Rent the Runway will give you $25 off your order of $75 or more with the promo code: 25OFFNEW. With the holidays coming up, it’s the perfect time to dress to impress!

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On Sundays We Wear Bears

chicago bears tee and red lipstickBefore I moved to Chicago I had no vested interest in any particular sports team. Growing up in Vermont we don’t have any teams specific to our region, so most people become divided between Boston and New York. Once I started dating a Chicago fan and moved to the Windy City myself, that definitely changed.

These days I proudly don my Bears/Bulls/Blackhawks threads on game day. This shirt was picked up at a thrift store by Konrad who graciously allowed me to swipe it from him. For some reason I had this fear that the specific design was vintage and I would never be able to replace it once the print fades away. I don’t know why I had that fear because, duh – it’s the logo. Why would they stop selling that? Plus there are more designs I have my eye on – this shirt’s shoulder stripes are super killer and this jersey tee is also my kinda look, too.

Honestly, is there anything better than spending a Sunday in a sports tee? No, there is not. Join me and check out all the Chicago Bears merch here.

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The Unexpected Accessory Your Closet Needs Right Now

colorful, pattterned ozone socksNordic Stripe, Endangered Cats Snow Leopard, Endangered Cats Tiger, Tribal Textiles

For the longest time I wasn’t a sock person at all. Yes, I wore them, but only in solid colors, and always neutrals. I would only buy them occasionally (when near the checkout and on sale), and therefore my sock game has been pretty basic for most of my life.

One day after seeing Konrad get excited about yet another pair as gifts, I asked him what was so great about socks. “They just feel so fresh,” he told me. “Luxury,” he said. And you know what? He’s right. The next time I bought new socks their luxuriously fresh feel totally spoke to me. New socks are awesome. So are socks in amazing patterns (something else he appreciates that has also rubbed off on me).

The above are my favorite designs from Ozone, and as their tagline says, they are all about the art of socks. They have socks in every length and pattern, and since winter is on its way to Vermont, I am definitely in the market for some new knee-highed socks of luxury.

Lucky for everyone, I has a few coupon codes to share:

25% off orders over $50 with Code: A25OVER50
15% off orders under $50 with Code: A15UNDER50


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The Definitive Guide to the Little Black Dress

Happy end of Fashion Week! Around this time each September every fashion blogger and style site recap their favorite trends from the runway. I love looking at photos but the thought of trying to pull together sensical categories out of thousands of images sounds exhausting. Instead I thought I’d share my favorite looks for the little black dress. LBDs are forever timeless, however I think they’re especially appropriate going into fall when we naturally wear darker and more purposeful ensembles. I tried to pull together a variety, however seeing as I’d wear every one of these, I probably missed some styles that aren’t to my taste. What’s your favorite little black dress??
slimming little black dresses
Detailing on the sides of the torso in mesh and flesh-tones create an illusion of slenderness.

Boulee Jada Dress
Eye -Catching Bodycon Dress
Vixen Dress in black/nude

details on little black dresses
Mesh paneling and contrasting fabrics elevate a simple silhouette into a special one.

Diana Cap Sleeve Mini Dress
Descryption Leather Dress
This is a Love Song Acrobat Maxi Dress

unfussy little black dresses
Slightly slouchy in classic shapes create an easy-going look while still appearing pulled-together.

Cheap Monday Vee Dress
V-Back Maxi Dress
LnA Prescilla Dress in black/eggshell

understated little black dresses
Tight fits without being overtly revealing suggest a subtle sexiness.

V-Back Bodycon Dress
Bobi Long Sleeve Turtleneck Dress
Sweetheart Mesh Dress

casual little black dresses
Loose, airy fabrics and gypsy detailing capture a low-maintenance cool that looks almost accidentally styled.

Nightcap Caletto Maxi Dress
RVCA The Vagari Maxi Dress
Rory Beca Plaza Overlap Gown

Warby Parker Two Year Update

warby parker womens webb amber glasses Riley Moore
I’m coming up on two years with my Warby Parkers, and I realized I never shared which style I chose. Since I get a lot of visits to my at home try on posts (here and here), I thought I should share. I ordered the Webb in Amber, and I’m very, very happy with them. I don’t believe they will ever go out of style – something about tortoiseshell is timeless!