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6 Awesome Tips to Take Your Photo Shoots to the Next Level

blurb fashion bookDoes anyone else regularly fabricate photo shoots for no real reason? With Instagram, Tumblr, and the internet in general, we’re in the era of “everyone is a photographer.” But the good news about the vast resourcefulness of the internet is – you can actually be good at it! However, as much as I love sharing images online, there is something so classic about book form.

I love the idea of pulling together the best images of the year, and assembling them into a yearbook of your life. The shoot Taylor and I did last fall was so fun and really spoke to me creatively. I definitely plan on working more of those into my artist life.

The above image is from a fashion book called HeadingSouth I found on Blurb, who has so kindly shared some photo shoot tips to help take your images to the next level:

1. It’s all about lighting.

To make your fashion really pop, choose natural light or studio light with a soft box (you can even make one from a lamp and last season’s white t-shirt). If you’re using a flash, you’ll probably want to bounce it or stick a diffusion filter on it.

2. Make a shot list.

This is a critical step, and even more important if you are photographing models. Even if your model is just your best friend who owes you a favor, they’ll appreciate it if you know exactly what you want to shoot. Think about the poses you want to capture, the outfits you want them to wear, and the details that you want to highlight in every shot.

3. White balance (WB).

Accurate color and skin tones come from making sure the WB function on your camera is set to your lighting situation.

4. Choose the right lens/zoom setting.

If you’re using a wide angle, you’re going to lose your beautiful lines (and your model may never forgive you). If you have a camera with different zoom levels, zoom out to minimize lens barrel distortion.

5. Keep it stylish.

It’s a fashion shoot, after all. Play music, keep things moving, try new angles. Attitude, attitude, attitude.

6. Dress it up.

Make your book as fashionable as the clothing featured in it. Choose a simple design that doesn’t upstage the clothing, but still looks chic. Pick a size and paper type that showcases the work brilliantly.

I feel like these tips seem fairly basic, but if you’re not in an industry that regularly does shoots, it can be easy to forget to make a shot list, or set the right energy for the photos.

If you’re in the mood to make your own book, you can save 25% on print book orders of $75+ at Blurb. If you do, make sure to leave a link below – I’d love to check it out!

This post was created in partnership with Blurb. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that make Estate possible.

Witching Hour

witching hourHere’s another shot from our Sisters of the North shoot. I love this photo, though it didn’t make the cut for the set (I thought the photo of us from behind was more interesting as a part of the series).

Every time I look through those photos I love them even more. Lately I feel so much creative energy in every facet of my life. It’s an amazing feeling to share original work with the world, and I definitely plan to continue the trend.

Sisters of the North

sister witches dressA few weeks ago Taylor made a long overdue visit home, and we finally got to venture out in costume and get back to old habits. I bought this scarlet dress at a thrift store well over a year ago and it’s been hanging on my clothing rack waiting for this shoot to come to fruition. We were inspired by witchy glamour, convening with nature, the spiritual atmosphere of a late autumn in New England, and always, the power of being sisters.

sister witches

sister witches

sister witches nature

sister witches

sister witches

sister witches disappearing act

sister witches

sister witches amongst the trees

sister witches amongst the trees

sister witches

sister witches rocks gems stones

sister witches stone

sister witches conversing

sister witches salutations

sister witches

sister witches hair jewels

sister witches taylor

 sister witches riley

Legs for Days

A few months ago I shared these photographs of mine with you, and I wanted to make good on my promises and share a few more! These images were a part of a show I had in April, Long Legs, as a part of my senior thesis at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina.
legs tryptich

legs disfigured surreal

sunlight legs shadows window room

spider legs reflection leaves

legs armchair

pinup legs gold

If you like what you see, please check out my Society6 store for printed goods you can buy! Many more items coming soon! I’ll also be relaunching my website soon, so keep an eye out for a post with info on that!

Everything That Glitters

colorful sequin gems hearts starsIt was the last day of summer for Markie on Sunday. She came over for a first-day-of-school-eve bang trim which we finished pretty quickly, and then we had a whole afternoon to make use of. Usually when she and I hang we lay around looking up diys on Pinterest and google until we finally agree on one that only requires elements that are already in my house.

colorful sequin gems hearts stars
This day in particular took us to my boxes of craft supplies hidden away in a back stairwell, boxes I’ve been toting and storing for the last 10 or so years of my life. As a child I had a habit of saving things in their perfect new condition, much preferring a shiny and complete set of stickers to using them on notebooks that would wear the stickers down and eventually be thrown away. I’ve gotten over my stuff-preserving habits, but it does mean I have a lot of odds and ends that have never been used which actually comes in handy when your boyfriend is an artist who can use up an entire lifetime’s stash of art supplies in one weekend.

sequin photoshoot
So we dumped a big bag of beads and sequins and other small colorful paraphernalia and sorted out what we thought we could glue to our faces. The best part about hoarding things as a child is finally getting to use them one day which almost makes everything involved that much sweeter.

sequin photoshoot
We ended up choosing a bunch of flat colorful hexagons for her which were probably at one point confetti, and I used sequins in bronze, silver and gold for a subtle ombre effect which really works for me because I always sort everything by color (books, clothes, iPhone apps, computer dock icons), and also I have an inclination toward neutrals.

sequin photoshoot
She is super fun to photograph because she’s cute and fun and totally into it. It’s nice having someone around who gets my vision and we can make creative stuff together. I work creatively on Konrad’s art everyday, which is a blessing and I am so thankful times infinity that I get to do that. But when it comes to my own art we don’t usually collaborate as my aesthetic is much different from his. Not complaining – I think it’s a good thing to work both together and separately.

sequin photoshoot
Also having a sister to photograph you is the best because they already know your weirdness and goodness and you can tell them to be all YOU’RE LOOKING CRAZY RIGHT NOW if you are, and they do because sometimes you do look crazy.

sequin photoshoot
Now we’re just anxiously awaiting the day Taylor steps foot on Vermont soil again. Sisters are the best.

sequin photoshoot
sequin photoshoot
sequin photoshoot riley moore

The Most Inspiring Photos To Up Your Phone Photography Game

ippawards 2013 winnersStumbled across the 2013 winners from the iPhone Photography Awards. It’s amazing what can be done with a phone camera these days. It seems to be a common thought that you can just add a filter to your standard lunch/portrait/landscape photo and call it a day, but there really is an art to it.

Entries for next year run until March 31st, 2014, which is 7 whole months away. Seems like a good excuse to take more photos and exercise that photographic eye.

Flickr Favorites

1. Untitled, 2. (53/365), 3. hi, 4. don’t wither, 5. April 11, 2010, 6. Bison., 7. Oak Alley, Louisiana, 8. 18, 9. Untitled, 10. orange pool, 11. Untitled, 12. Untitled, 13. underground lake, 14. The night wind wails, 15. Untitled, 16. Untitled, 17. *, 18. *, 19. *, 20. *, 21. Romantic getaway – kiwistyle, 22. Untitled, 23. Western Union Telegram From U.S, Navy Sailor, WWII, 24. Chrissy, get your knitting needles out!, 25. winnie the pooh, 26. 1892 – Indian Fairy Tales, 27. Untitled, 28. Untitled, 29. collection square, 30. Untitled, 31. tea jars on sill, 32. 1967, 33. big salad for lunch on a hot day., 34. happy new year…, 35. Pretty Girls on Bikes Gang