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Life Update, Sans Instagram

cat and framed watercolor painting

hand drawn tattoos in pen

dance studio and gym

watercolor painting in the yard

Gemma Ward watercolor

Goons postcard on desk1. A drawing Konrad did that I am in love with. We found the frame on sale for $3 at TJMaxx because it was missing the glass (we don’t care!)
2. Little tree that was on sale for $6… we bought a lot of little trees that day
3. Some pen tattoos. French fries, ice cream and cats!
4. Installed a dance studio/gym in our house
5. Weekend painting in the backyard
6. The result
7. Goons postcard on my desk at work

Lana Del Rey in Watercolor

Lana Del Rey Watercolor Painting
While the rest of the world might be off-put by Lana Del Rey and her manufactured image, I personally like the look and also at least half of the songs on her album, Born to Die. I recently started painting again, and decided to use this photo of Lana with flowers in her hair as my first dip back into the watercolored waters.