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Recommendation: Teux Deux

teux deux online to do list
I’ve long been a list maker (just look at my Lists category – lists for everything). Right up there with a clean house, I have lists to thank for my sanity and ability to be a productive human being. I’ve been a fan of Teux Deux from the beginning. It has a simple layout, web and iphone app, and automatically moves anything I don’t get done to the following day (without annoying notifications which usually cause me to stop using a list app). I recently received an email about the “Neux Teux Deux.” I immediately switched and love. Love. The new features (recurring tasks, naming individual ‘Someday’ lists) are all welcome additions, without feeling like they’ve changed it into a different app altogether.

Since Teux Deux is such a critical part of my every day, I thought I’d wax poetic and share the goods. Get on the list for the Neux Teux Deux, or signup for the regular version until the new one is released.

A List of Latelys

Paid off a long standing credit card balanceOrdered a dozen or so used books from amazon for wicked cheap
Started a half marathon training schedule
Listened to baby sister and friends backseat conversations
Resolved to write letters and mail them on the regular

Weekend Wreckage

       Biked around on a full moon night       Watched Daniel Faraday as Charles Manson, so genius
       Ate stir-fry with peppers and mushrooms and cabbage, so good
       Spring cleaned
       Laid out on the rooftop and overheated in the sun
       Realized babycat might be pregnant