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Five Things on the Internet

cat scan pawsIf you like puzzles and burritos, you should definitely play Chipotle’s Adventurrito game.

Apple is celebrating 5 Years in their App Store, and is giving away free apps and games for a limited time (I downloaded Over and Day One).

A Key-Key Fob. I love the colors against the brown wood-like texture.

The HoodiePillow is kind of genius for traveling.

These Cat Scans of the animal variety are strangely beautiful (full disclosure: I’ve done this before).

A Funny Suggestion For Your Web Surfing

what should we call meI try my best not to get absorbed into bermuda triangle type websites (celebrity gossip, memes, funny/weird news), but #whatshouldwecallme is one I check in with every few days. Also it doesn’t get updated too often so I can’t click page after page wasting hours of my time. I think I’d call it situational humor described in gif form (maybe that makes sense?). Here are three good ones:

Something Stupid

25,000 Mornings

morning lightI read this blog post the other day on making the most of your mornings. I’ve been trying to become a more productive person around the clock, but mornings I especially struggle with. The author’s mention of how we’ll wake up roughly 25,000 mornings in our adult life, and not wasting a single one, really resonated with me. Since then I’ve been pretty quick to hop out of bed and get my day going, and I’ve been enjoying the added benefit of being the first one up with a little peace to myself, before the commotion and responsibilities of the day begin.

photo via nanagyei on flickr