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My Obsession With Shipping Containers and Earthly Views

shipping container homesMost of my dream home fantasies consist of obscenely large estates located in the dreamiest destinations, but lately homes made of shipping containers consume my brain. My thought is this: buy a big beautiful plot of land, build a super modern home out of industrial materials and minimalistic furnishings, live in it until my finances allow me a multi-million dollar estate. (And keep the container home for vacations!). Good idea, right?

You can see more shipping container homes on my Pinterest board, if you’re into it too.

Natural Living Mood Board

inspiration boardFound this photo of the wall that was behind my desk in Chicago. I have some art up in my office right now, but I’m feeling inspired to fill it out a little more, and definitely include some photos of a life that’s technology free. It’s the little things, right?

Casual Cool Backyard Garden Landscaping Inspiration

backyard garden inspirationEver since it got to be a bearable temperature outside early last month, I’ve been obsessing over how I’m going to redo my backyard (truthfully I’d been obsessing all winter). Mostly up to this point, we’ve worked on clearing out some areas previously left unkempt, and now that I’m starting to get serious about making a Plan (officially with a capital P), I’m going over everything I’ve pinned to my Garden Board. Looking at everything together really makes it obvious what my tastes are: unfussy, overgrown, extreme privacy, a healthy mix of flowers intertwined with space for afternoon barbecues and late nights under twinkling fairy lights. And a fire pit. Always.

Outdoor Lighting Inspiration

1. Alyssa Ettinger Shop
2. The Best of Martha Stewart Living: Weddings
3. Miranda Lehman
9. Wonderlane on flickr
10. The now defunct Domino Magazine
11. Kasbah Agafay Hotel in Morocco
13. Tina and Patrick on flickr

*I’ve been collecting photos for years into huge folders on my computer, and sometimes it’s hard for me to figure out where they all came from. If you know who took any of these please let me know! And if it’s yours and you’d like it removed, already done.