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Last Minute Celebration Suggestions

holiday suggestionsBefore I dash off to celebrate with family for the next few days, I wanted to share two quick ideas to add a little extra something to your Christmas đŸ™‚

For Christmas Eve

The street I lived on growing up did something called Santa’s Runway, where everyone in the neighborhood would make lanterns to line the entire street so Santa could see as he arrived. Even though I was old enough to know better when we moved there, I always loved seeing the whole street lit up. It’s so pretty and simple to do. Even if you don’t want to take on an entire street, a lined driveway is a really nice effect.

For Christmas Morning

Mimosas! Another easy tradition that I think is perfect for after all the gifts have been opened. We’ve never set out an actual mimosa bar, but I think the juices and fruit above are so pretty laid out together.

lanterns via Design*Sponge and drink bar via DesignLoveFest

The Futon

When we first moved into our new home, some three months ago, we were completely without furniture. Having sold everything during our move from Chicago, we took to purchasing some new choice pieces (bedroom set, dining set) and taking in bits and pieces from those who threw things our direction. A futon, in particular, we were grateful to receive for the small fee of moving it out of it’s old home. It seated two (maybe three), but the fabric was not at all our taste. Striped pink and college-dormy, something had to be done. I searched and debated for months how I was going to update the old thing. Here is its story:
A cell phone shot taken one early morning for reference during shopping trips.

living room before

The offending futon, close up.


Fabric my Mom loved. I liked it quite a lot, considered buying it, then put it back on the shelf because of lack of je ne sais quoi.


Fabric I LOVED. Loved loved loved. But the print was small and likely wouldn’t transfer well to a large piece of furniture .

blue white shell print fabric

Fabric in Ikea. The boyfriend loved this. I really liked this style, but I wanted a more serene living space, not an art gallery (though if I ever decide to build on an art gallery in my house, I’m looking at you, Ikea!)

ikea fabric

Finally, I broke down and went on I didn’t want to have to order online, due to misleading colors, but I eventually found myself transfixed by indoor/outdoor fabric from Tommy Bahama. Plus, more durable fabric means less wear from active cats. So one night, I added a bunch of swatches to the fabric wall on their site, and my Mom and I went to town.

fabric swatched

After a long hour of back and forth, measuring and decisions, I placed an order for the following four fabrics, and had them sent directly to my grandmother, who sewed everything (I know!).

fabric swatches

Here is the result:

updated futon


updated futon

The colors are amazing in person, and it has a very India a la Eat Pray Love vibe.

futon pillow fabric

The eggshell fabric is reminiscent of ostrich leather and pulls the look together in a subtle way. There were three more pillows made (another eggshell, and two in the main green fabric) that are on the other couch.

futon pillows fabric

The mattress is double sided with the light blue tweed, in case we ever get bored.

futon fabric

After all this, I remembered a photo I took of an Alexis Bittar bracelet many months ago. The general color palette, and glam nature style are similar, no? I guess it stuck in my mind for many moons.

alexis bittar bracelet

Le fin.

Gorgeous Goods For Your Home From VivaTerra

I scribbled down after spotting a succulent wreath in a magazine a few days ago. As soon as the site loaded my heart started beating faster and I literally bookmarked every product they have for future purchase. Everything is amazing. The fire under my rear to find a rental house is burning much hotter today.

Seen above: Glazed Kosui Mug Set, Ten-Herb Wreath, Woven West African Storage Basket, Root of the Earth Stool, Horizon Night Light

Another Vision of Us

wall with maps of chicago and world and record player with boxes of records
As I was packing up the past three years of my life I couldn’t help but photograph every nook and cranny before directing it towards boxes or dumpsters (which we both nervously and excitedly watched neighborhood street urchins pilfer through and take for their own). This wall was one of my favorites in the whole apartment. What started with maps of Chicago (the red line connects Lake Michigan across several maps) quickly turned into a wall of all our future destinations after coming across a huge old atlas book. The record table framed everything perfectly.

Back To My Roots

About a week ago Konrad and and I got it in our heads that we might like to move to Vermont (where we both did most of our growing up) and spend the summer months there. We’ve been making plans for the next big adventure but decided we might like to move back to the mountains where we can center ourselves and work on the projects that have been piling up in our heads. So today we told our landlord, and in a few short weeks we’ll be cruising East, cats in tow, heading towards the sunrise and saying goodbye to the city for a little while.