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Hairstyle 11/30: Loose Modern Glamour Waves

side hair vintage wavesToday I have a special reappearance of the long neglected hairstyles series – and it’s featuring my littlest sister on her birthday (happy birthday my baby love!). These photos are a continuation of the shoot from yesterday, only specifically focused on her hair.

The waves were created using a curling wand, which I used to wrap all the curls in the same direction – away from the face. I let her hair set for a few minutes before gently brushing out the curls to get these gorgeous glam waves. Her hair is naturally ombre’d from spending the entire summer in the sun, and I think it makes for some really pretty highlighting of the hair texture.

ombre hair waves twist

ombre loose waves

blonde hair ombre tips

brown hair curls pulled back

ombre blonde hair tips

brown blonde ombre curls

Hairstyle 10/30 Half Up Loose Fishtail Braid

fishtail braidpulled back hair out of face
double fishtail side braid
side braid
Braided up this little number on le baby sister, based on this photo. It is now my favorite and I want to wear it everyday. We tried two different versions of the style, both super easy to do. It’s a little difficult to see in the photo, but the baby braid is off to the side of her head, and looks just different enough to catch your eye. Love!

Hairstyle 9/30 Retro Rockabilly

rockabilly hair and makeup

I finally got my act together and did a new style for the series. Admittedly I was a little more interested in the makeup portion of this look, but I really love the hair too. I’m thinking this would be perfect for the 4th with curls piled high on the head.

To get this look I used Maybelline’s gel eyeliner in blackest black and their ColorSensational lipstick in Are You Red-dy. Badass bandana acquired from a thrift store or somewhere equally random.

Hairstyle 8/30: Fishtail Braid

fish tail snake braid
I wasn’t planning on including the fishtail braid into this hair series, but then I heard someone call it a snake braid, which is such a better name for it. So, here we, my snake braid and I.

This one takes quite a while for me to do as my hair seems to be about 28 feet long these days, but it’s well worth it. Plus, it holds better than a traditional braid, where my layered hair starts to stick out every which way as soon as I tie the elastic. Also, the snake braid looks quite lovely worn as a crown:

fish tail snake braid

Hairstyle 7/30: Side Rope

twisted hair
twisted rope braid on long brown hair

This style rules because it takes all of 60 seconds, and is different enough to warrent a second look.

Divide hair into two sections, twist sections in the same direction, twist together in the opposite direction, then braid the bottom to hold the twist.

Hairstyle 5/30: Pulled Back Bed Head

long brown hair

I realize this probably shouldn’t count as a ‘hairstyle’, but I’m behind on these posts and a girl’s gotta catch up somehow! Plus, I never wear my hair like this so it counts.

I wore this to my parent’s house for Easter dinner. I’m not even sure that I brushed it, which is pretty standard protocol for me.