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Dream Getaway: French Countryside

dream getaway french countrysideIt’s been awhile since I’ve done a dream getaway, and today I’m feeling like the french countryside is the vacation destination for me. I would completely disconnect myself from the internet, bring a stack of books for reading marathons, and take daily bike rides down dirt roads. Here’s what else I would do:

  1. Get intoxicated on fields of lavender
  2. Rent a charming little house with resident farm life
  3. Buy a bright-colored scarf for feeling chic on an otherwise uneventful day
  4. Spend hours in a local bookstore
  5. Write pretty letters to family
  6. Have refreshments and good conversation on a long afternoon
  7. Rent a vintage Maserati and pretend to be in a James Bond film
  8. Invite myself into the neighbors’ incredible garden and make new french friends
  9. Wander around cobblestone streets in the nearby town

Dream Getaway: Dry Tortugas

dry tortugas vacation essentials
It’s nearing the end of summer and I’m nearing the need for a vacation. Here’s a little dream getaway for the Dry Tortugas. It’s just west of the Florida Keys, can’t be too hard to make a trip there, right?

1. Visit Dry Tortugas National Park
2. Wear this floral bikini
3. Sport messy sun hair for the whole trip
4. Sleep in the cutest Wildfox Little Mermaid Beach Tee
5. Explore the island in these Julie flats from ShoeMint (join here!)
6. Eat these watermelon jalapeño popsicles
7. Paint the scenery with this small Winsor & Newton watercolor palette
8. Don a simple gold band
9. Make friends away from home