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Help Me Decide: New Studio Art

Minted Art Minted Art

When we first moved into our house several years ago, we were renters living in only half the space. I had a normal 9-5 job and my freelance desk space took up a small area of a room I shared with my clothes (since there were no closets). Since then, we’ve purchased the house, moved into the second floor, and I’ve been working for myself for the last two years. I now have a gorgeous open room with big bay windows, but I’m still living with the little office decor I had all those years ago. Now that Spring is officially here in Vermont (flowers! grass! the green creep up the mountains!), it’s time to transform my studio into the office I have in my head.

The most obvious first step for me is to hang art on the walls. A gorgeously framed piece immediately brings color and a sense of intention to a room. I spent last night poring over the pieces available at Minted. They have a beautiful selection of abstract prints, which is what I’ve been picturing for the room. My favorite part are the frame options, both the variety as well as the ability to see them with each print. Framing typically stresses me out because there are so many options in the world, and being able to see the finished result as well as total price really sold me on making my first office purchase with Minted.

Now the fun part – what do I choose?

Minted Art Minted Art Minted Art Minted Art Minted Art Minted Art

Pieces shown above: 1. of land and sea, 2. Mining for Coal, 3. Popsicle, 4. Rose, 5. Color Melt, 6. Watercolor Study, 7. The Kiss of Blue, 8. Rainbow

This post was created in partnership with Minted. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that make Estate possible.

One Stop Shopping: Office Decor on eBay

I just recently moved into a new office space for my web design studio. While I’m loving working outside of the house, the space is in desperate need of some style. I was able to pick up a few small items last week, so the room isn’t completely barren, but there is still a long way to go. During a brainstorm for goods I thought I’d checkout my favorite odds and ends website – eBay! I’m especially in love with the bar cart and mirror.
So here’s to a beautifully decorated office to come! I fully intend to share photos although I can’t promise it will happen anytime in the immediate future (work beckons!)

office decor midcentury and vintage styles
bar cart
letter opener
business card holder
rothko print

DIY Bookshelf + Some Tips!

Do It Yourself! The D.I.Y. revolution is upon us!
Just wanted to share my most recent project with other like minded do-it-yourselfers out there!

The problem: My bedroom is a rather large, rectangular room. I recently bought a chaise lounge, but had no where to put it in my bedroom other than awkwardly pushed up against a wall. I also have a lot of books.

The solution: I decided to build a bookshelf to act as a partition, creating a cozy corner near my desk to put the chaise lounge in for reading. Check it out!:

DIY bookshelf partition

While in the planning stages, I decided I definitely wanted enough space for some crates underneath the bookshelf, which have been great for shoes and pet supplies! On the wall behind you can see a collection of art that I’ve acquired from friends and classmates over the years. Here’s a better picture:

art collage prints dreamcatcher

And lastly, I wanted to give you one last little tip. Do you have a drawer overflowing with cooking utensils? We did, before we decided to hang all the coolest and sleakest items up on the wall to save space and add a little life into our kitchen! I went with stainless steel and wood only for a modern meets cabin feel. Check it out!:



Keep it simple! Keep doing it yourself!



What I Display on My Bookshelf

bookshelf decor candle painting globeThe other day the lighting was right and I had my camera out, so I thought I’d take a few shots of the bookshelves in my dining room. They’re inexpensive (for real, like $12 each), and I’ve flipped the shelves over because they were buckling from the weight of the books on them, but they’ve held up pretty well for the last two years and work for our needs.

bookshelf decor
Our style veers towards a hodge-podge of store-bought, handmade, and thrift store. I definitely have a habit of acquiring neutrals and earth tones, so it’s not difficult to get everything to match. The two paintings were done by me at various times.

bookshelf decor
I used to have the books organized by color, but we actually use them a lot and it made more sense to have them vaguely grouped by category (this should also explain why they look a mess – I decided not to tidy them up so you can see what they’re really like). The top shelf here is mostly novels, my two most read authors being John Grisham and Tom Robbins, who is my absolute favorite. A few of the books I haven’t read yet – whenever I see one that looks interesting for under a dollar at a thrift store or tag sale, I always pick it up. The middle shelf is a mishmash of spiritual, self-help and design books. The bottom shelf which you can barely see are all art books.

bookshelf decor
The top shelf on this side are spiritual/yoga books. My higher-being books of choice are always of the occult variety, Konrad is more traditional and prefers those featuring God. The middle shelf are DIY books, a stretch deck, and various guitar accessories. On the bottom which you can’t see at all are the books that don’t fit in, travel, and brain game books.

bookshelf decor gold camel box
Konrad’s Dad gave him this amazing camel box which we discredit greatly by storing business receipts in. It really deserves it’s own place in the sun.

bookshelf decor ship bookend white flower candles
On the left bookshelf I’ve limited the pieces to all black and cream colors. The ship is actually a bookend which didn’t have a match at the thrift store, and the flower is a candle holder I picked up during one of many Michaels art store date nights (our favorite!).

bookshelf decor lady of shalott black globe
You may recognize this painting from the original Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse. I painted it in highschool for an art assignment and it has traveled from house to house with me ever since.

bookshelf decor old hotel key
My Grandma gifted me a bunch of old skeleton keys, this one from a hotel in Reading, Pennsylvania is one of my favorites.

bookshelf decor black and white cream
Also on the black and cream shelf are an eyeball paperweight, set of vintage mini record coasters, and this little guy we bought from a home goods store.

bookshelf decor headdress painting
The second painting of a headdress I did for our home in Chicago when we needed something to hang over the bed in lieu of a headboard. The frame is terribly old and needs a good cleaning, but in the meantime I’m happy to accommodate it.

Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces

This Thursday will be the first holiday we’ll host in our current home. The timing is perfect as I recently got my mom hooked on Pinterest (follow me here), so she was extra inspired to fashion some inexpensive decor for the table. The only real idea going into it was to use to use corn kernels around candles, and put them in glass jars/vases/holders we would find at the thrift store. Here’s what we came up with!
materials to make thanksgiving table decorations
The materials used: popcorn, glass vases, cinnamon/nutmeg potpourri, votive & pillar candles, twine, leaf candle rings, and cranberries. We purchased seven vases (I prefer odd numbers in decor), all varying sizes and shapes. The only rule was that they had to have a lip on them, which helped tie the look together. The twine I had lying in a drawer, and the candles, candle rings, and potpourri ($2.99/each!) were from The Christmas Tree Store.

various nut materials to make thanksgiving table decorations
Separating the potpourri.

materials to make thanksgiving table decorations
Interesting shapes.

various nut materials to make thanksgiving table decorations
Varying harvest colors.

layering to make table centerpiece
For the most part we just layered things. Only one of the vases had the contents mixed together.

layering to make table centerpiece
We surrounded the candles for stability.

candle centerpiece
Some glasses only had one kind of filling in them (I think those are my favorites!).

layering to make table centerpiece
The cranberries add some color without overwhelming. They also help to keep things feeling fresh.

twine around the glass
I tied the twine around several of the jars to bring the look together. I think it keeps everything feeling natural without seeming too crafty.

thanksgiving centerpiece decorations
The finished pieces!