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An Introduction

sunriseThis is what it looks like when you wake up before the sun on an airplane.

My name is Riley Moore. I’m a web designer slash serial entrepreneur living in Vermont. Most of my day is spent with a pile of cats on top of me, and I would only complain if it wasn’t spent this way. From morning until the time my brain conks out from overdrive, I am always thinking about business, work, creating.

I started blogging when I had first moved to Chicago and was working from home. It seemed like a new adventure deserved fresh journal pages. Now, over 7 years later, I’m in a different space and fill my days in other ways than I had back then (Then: biking around putting up art all night with my street artist boyfriend. Now: laying in the hammock and working on the yard all day with my gallery artist boyfriend).

I blog for those who can relate to or feel inspired by my life. The people who neither fit in the city, or the country, because they love both. The ones who can’t and won’t ever sit at a desk job for the rest of their life. Those whose lives are ruled by art and the visual. The person who is constantly striving for better.

Recently I’ve been working on transitioning my web design business into a full-blown studio. I’ve been booking new website builds, taking on clients in need of regular maintenance, and even hired my sister to work on my side projects so I can focus my attention on client work.

My hope is that as I grow my design studio, I am able to do the same with Estate, sharing the things that inspire me creatively, and following through on every last goal I set for myself. I try to encourage those in my personal life to design and see through the life of their dreams. My best wish for Estate is that I can inspire readers to do the same.

A Short Hiatus

Na Pali Coast at Kauai, HawaiiTaking the rest of the week off from Estate to tend to my work life. I’ve been so incredibly busy, for which I am thankful, but very tired. It seems unfair for blog quality to suffer due to my lack of energy, so I’m taking a few days, and on Monday hope to return with renewed vigor and improved vision.

In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful view from Kauai!


The Top 3 Posts of 2013

top three in 2013Curious what my most visited posts were for the past year? This should be no surprise if you ever glance at the right sidebar, as they regularly make an appearance there…

  1. Girl Secrets: How to Get Silky Smooth Underarms Without Waxing
  2. The 10 Best All Natural, Inexpensive, Skin & Hair Product Replacements
  3. My Secret Recipe for the BEST Salsa Ever

Skin care and a recipe… maybe I should do more posts like those in the new year? Any topics you’d particularly like to see covered?

Have an Amazing Holiday

happy thanksgivingThanksgiving is here! And as of yesterday, there are only 5 weeks left until January 1st – can you believe it?! I’ll be taking the long weekend off to spend time with family, eat a crazy amount of food, and transition into the Christmas season. I’m definitely the type of person who is always looking forward, planning ahead, making lists and living in the future. So this Thanksgiving I’m setting the intention to enjoy every moment and not worry about the next day until it arrives.

Enjoy! 🙂

DIY Bookshelf + Some Tips!

Do It Yourself! The D.I.Y. revolution is upon us!
Just wanted to share my most recent project with other like minded do-it-yourselfers out there!

The problem: My bedroom is a rather large, rectangular room. I recently bought a chaise lounge, but had no where to put it in my bedroom other than awkwardly pushed up against a wall. I also have a lot of books.

The solution: I decided to build a bookshelf to act as a partition, creating a cozy corner near my desk to put the chaise lounge in for reading. Check it out!:

DIY bookshelf partition

While in the planning stages, I decided I definitely wanted enough space for some crates underneath the bookshelf, which have been great for shoes and pet supplies! On the wall behind you can see a collection of art that I’ve acquired from friends and classmates over the years. Here’s a better picture:

art collage prints dreamcatcher

And lastly, I wanted to give you one last little tip. Do you have a drawer overflowing with cooking utensils? We did, before we decided to hang all the coolest and sleakest items up on the wall to save space and add a little life into our kitchen! I went with stainless steel and wood only for a modern meets cabin feel. Check it out!:



Keep it simple! Keep doing it yourself!



Then & Now

Over the years I’ve developed the habit of taking “selfies” in front of blank backdrops, and as I was sitting down to write this update about my goings on I thought, what a good time to show you an old selfie, and a new! So first, here I am at 17, looking understandably disgruntled/awkward:
17 years old selfie

And here’s me today – 23 years old, and thankfully mellowed:

23 year old selfie

It’s always too much fun to look back at old photos of yourself and realize the changes that have happened in between those moments. Although not much about me has changed but the length of my hair and general teenage distain for everything, I have experienced so much in the five years between these photos. To best describe what has changed, a brief and simple list:

I got a bachelors degree in photography from Warren Wilson College. I just graduated in May!

I have been in three relationships, but this one I’m in now takes the cake (more on that soon!).

I got my own critters! Wanna see?


cute cat kitten snuggled vintage chair

And Sadie:

beagle collie dog swimming noble

I’ve also successfully rented my own house, and have recently moved into a new apartment that has been a whirlwind of DIY home projects that I’m eager to share!

I’ve got a folder full of ideas, inspirations, and photos that’s been burning a hole in my desktop, and I’m glad I’ve finally sorted out the time to start sharing them with the Internet again. Check back tomorrow for a look at my most recent show (I’ve mentioned it here), as well as a random collection of photos I’ve taken throughout my college years.

The All Seeing Eye

painted eye on handBefore I take off for the weekend I wanted to share one last photo from the shoot I did with my sister (here and here). I painted this eye onto her hand for her to hold over her face in a few shots, and for some reason seeing it in this photo really freaks me out! It came out pretty realistic I think.

Have a great weekend!