Saving Memories

vhs tapesDoes anyone else have an archive of family videos that are sitting sadly in a box somewhere, waiting for the day they see new life and can be easily enjoyed again? I know my parents have so many tapes of themselves pre-kids, and my sisters and I when we were younger that rarely get watched because it involves a long setup, followed by fast-forwarding through minutes of tape that have no footage on them.

All this to say, I just found out about a company called Southtree and I am so impressed. They accept any type of video tape, as well as film, photos, and audio to be converted to digital files. They even clean up poor sound quality caused by age, and can create separate tracks to be easily sorted through.

My first objective is to track down the cassette tape of my Dad singing from when I was younger (or maybe even before me! He was a professional musician in his early years). I’ve been meaning to transfer it to a digital copy practically since I got my hands on it, as the recording is not longer perfect, and being without a cassette player I can’t listen to it anymore.

The whole experience looks beautiful too, with a really simple website to get pricing, and then a user account where you can track the progress of your order. Can’t all user experiences be so simple? 🙂

For anyone who’s interested, I have a coupon code for 25% off any order. Just enter ‘blog25’ and use it by July 15th.

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Three Little Kittens

long haired black foster kitten at 6 weeks oldKonrad and I picked up three little foster kittens yesterday morning. They are the smallest things you ever did see, but man are they a handful. We were chasing after them for hours and it was finally 10pm before I realized I hadn’t really eaten anything all day.

long haired black foster kitten at 6 weeks old
One of the kittens is obsessed with Konrad, and protests loudly if he leaves the room or stops paying attention to him. The grey one gives me sleepy eyes that remind me of my Skye, and the third has been dubbed Too Shy, but is quickly learning how nice life can be for a lap cat.

long haired grey foster kitten at 6 weeks old
Our littles aren’t too sure about them and keep to themselves for the most part. We joke about their wild sides, but these three are making Skye and Nathan seem so well-mannered!