My Favorite New iPhone App

umano appEarlier this week, I downloaded the app Umano, and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Umano allows you to subscribe to a variety of news sources, blogs, and content categories, and will provide you with articles that are read to you by humans (vs. a Siri type reader). The articles are added to a playlist which you can then listen to during your commute, workout, or (in my case) while you clean the house. I’ve never been into books on tape, but the 5-10 minute segments speak to me (hah!), so maybe I should reconsider. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, I highly recommend you try Umano out – it’s free! Listening to a great playlist is the perfect lazy Sunday activity.

House in Black

Haus in SchwarzI came across this photo earlier today and found it so striking. At first I thought it might be one of those fake houses that cities use to hide various parts of its infrastructure (so fascinating – see here), but it turns out it was a farewell art piece for the building which was set to be demolished. Called Haus in Schwarz (House is Black), the house was painted matte black by artists Erik Sturm and Simon Jung in Möhringen, Germany.

Previously the building was used by street artists which made for an equally stunning facade:

Haus in Schwarz Before

And here they are side by side:

Haus in Schwarz and before
I’ll take one of each, please 😉

via This is Colossal