Have an Amazing Holiday

happy thanksgivingThanksgiving is here! And as of yesterday, there are only 5 weeks left until January 1st – can you believe it?! I’ll be taking the long weekend off to spend time with family, eat a crazy amount of food, and transition into the Christmas season. I’m definitely the type of person who is always looking forward, planning ahead, making lists and living in the future. So this Thanksgiving I’m setting the intention to enjoy every moment and not worry about the next day until it arrives.

Enjoy! 🙂

Shop Small Business All Holiday Weekend Long

Here’s to supporting small, independent artists and avoiding long lines and crazy crowds this Black Friday. Etsy is a great place to find the former, and the following are my suggestions to kick off (or wrap up) your holiday shopping:
holiday shopping - gift wrap
The prettiest gift wrap from PrintSmitten.

holiday shopping - 2014 calendar
Gorgeous and inspiring Adventure of the Month calendar from littlelow.

holiday shopping - lip balm stocking stuffers
This Winter Mint lip balm as a stocking stuffer from JuniperseedMerc.

A Swedish Film Recommendation

the girl with the dragon tattooI recently watched the Swedish version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series, on Konrad’s recommendation. He stayed up multiple nights in a row avidly watching while I slept away, thinking I wasn’t interested. I had never read the book or seen the American version, and for whatever reason it didn’t appeal to me. After finishing the series and still talking about it, he finally convinced me to watch them. The three movies are all available on Netflix Instant, and if you haven’t figured out where I’m going with this – they’re so good! I hope all Swedish films are as well done.

So that’s my recommendation for you this weekend. Any off-beat movies you would suggest?

On Sundays We Wear Bears

chicago bears tee and red lipstickBefore I moved to Chicago I had no vested interest in any particular sports team. Growing up in Vermont we don’t have any teams specific to our region, so most people become divided between Boston and New York. Once I started dating a Chicago fan and moved to the Windy City myself, that definitely changed.

These days I proudly don my Bears/Bulls/Blackhawks threads on game day. This shirt was picked up at a thrift store by Konrad who graciously allowed me to swipe it from him. For some reason I had this fear that the specific design was vintage and I would never be able to replace it once the print fades away. I don’t know why I had that fear because, duh – it’s the logo. Why would they stop selling that? Plus there are more designs I have my eye on – this shirt’s shoulder stripes are super killer and this jersey tee is also my kinda look, too.

Honestly, is there anything better than spending a Sunday in a sports tee? No, there is not. Join me and check out all the Chicago Bears merch here.

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40 Life Questions You Should Ask Yourself

california west coastEarlier in the week I came across this blog post titled “40 Questions Everyone is Afraid to Ask.” The images/font choices leave much to be desired (graphic designer 24/7), but the questions are great ones to pose to yourself if you are looking to shake things up and get a different perspective on how you’ve been living. Highly recommended for everyone.

Photo from our 2009 trip up the west coast.