Sisters of the North

sister witches dressA few weeks ago Taylor made a long overdue visit home, and we finally got to venture out in costume and get back to old habits. I bought this scarlet dress at a thrift store well over a year ago and it’s been hanging on my clothing rack waiting for this shoot to come to fruition. We were inspired by witchy glamour, convening with nature, the spiritual atmosphere of a late autumn in New England, and always, the power of being sisters.

sister witches

sister witches

sister witches nature

sister witches

sister witches

sister witches disappearing act

sister witches

sister witches amongst the trees

sister witches amongst the trees

sister witches

sister witches rocks gems stones

sister witches stone

sister witches conversing

sister witches salutations

sister witches

sister witches hair jewels

sister witches taylor

 sister witches riley

Awesome Online Resource for Learning a New Craft

Knitting Quilting Sewing Cake Decorating Drawing Painting CookingFor anyone who’s been reading Estate for awhile, you may remember back to my 14 goals by 2014. One of those goals was to finish sewing a maxi dress I started well over three years ago. At this point the straps are seemingly unfixable, and the project has been set aside for a future more-enabled me to deal with. Until then, I’d really like to up my (non-existent) sewing skills and at least sew a small something.

So! Today I signed up for a sewing basics class on Craftsy. Craftsy is super cool because it’s an online community offering both free and premium classes in a huge variety of crafts. The sewing class is totally free and I can follow the instructional videos at my own pace (the course is available forever). I also signed up for a figure drawing class, which is perfect because I’ve always found drawing people the most difficult part of illustration to master.

Would you sign up for an online class? I’d love to hear!

One Stop Shopping: Office Decor on eBay

I just recently moved into a new office space for my web design studio. While I’m loving working outside of the house, the space is in desperate need of some style. I was able to pick up a few small items last week, so the room isn’t completely barren, but there is still a long way to go. During a brainstorm for goods I thought I’d checkout my favorite odds and ends website – eBay! I’m especially in love with the bar cart and mirror.
So here’s to a beautifully decorated office to come! I fully intend to share photos although I can’t promise it will happen anytime in the immediate future (work beckons!)

office decor midcentury and vintage styles
bar cart
letter opener
business card holder
rothko print

A Weekend Jaunt to Brattleboro

A few weeks ago Konrad and I took an overnight trip to Brattleboro, Vermont. It’s not very far from where we live but for whatever reason we rarely make drive, which is truly a shame because it’s a beautiful journey and Brattleboro boasts an awesome co-op, and our little town does not.
We had good intentions to take part in the art walk that happens on the first Friday of every month, but we ended up having a lazy early dinner at an English style pub, and catching a movie for the first time in months (we saw Gravity – holy panic attic).

For the most part we wandered around off-beat trails and kept our eyes out for candy and house plants (two items that are always on our shopping list).

In you ever find yourself in New England, I’d highly recommend a visit!

konrad and riley by the river

autumn road, tunnel of light in vermont

keys at the latchis hotel

brattleboro vines on brick wall

konrad at the water

konrad by the water

riley walking along the dam

rock and grass textures