Wedding Weekend in Beverly

beverly rocky water coastA few weekends ago we drove down to Massachusetts for a friend’s wedding. It was held at the Landmark School on the water, and the weather was flawless. The weekend happened to be the one right between my last day at my day job and my new life as a freelancer/entrepreneur. It was the perfect break.

looking through the binoculars
These binoculars were setup on the second floor deck to look out at the water during the reception.

boat through the binoculars
Konrad took this photo with his iPhone through the lenses! I was impressed.

What I Display on My Bookshelf

bookshelf decor candle painting globeThe other day the lighting was right and I had my camera out, so I thought I’d take a few shots of the bookshelves in my dining room. They’re inexpensive (for real, like $12 each), and I’ve flipped the shelves over because they were buckling from the weight of the books on them, but they’ve held up pretty well for the last two years and work for our needs.

bookshelf decor
Our style veers towards a hodge-podge of store-bought, handmade, and thrift store. I definitely have a habit of acquiring neutrals and earth tones, so it’s not difficult to get everything to match. The two paintings were done by me at various times.

bookshelf decor
I used to have the books organized by color, but we actually use them a lot and it made more sense to have them vaguely grouped by category (this should also explain why they look a mess – I decided not to tidy them up so you can see what they’re really like). The top shelf here is mostly novels, my two most read authors being John Grisham and Tom Robbins, who is my absolute favorite. A few of the books I haven’t read yet – whenever I see one that looks interesting for under a dollar at a thrift store or tag sale, I always pick it up. The middle shelf is a mishmash of spiritual, self-help and design books. The bottom shelf which you can barely see are all art books.

bookshelf decor
The top shelf on this side are spiritual/yoga books. My higher-being books of choice are always of the occult variety, Konrad is more traditional and prefers those featuring God. The middle shelf are DIY books, a stretch deck, and various guitar accessories. On the bottom which you can’t see at all are the books that don’t fit in, travel, and brain game books.

bookshelf decor gold camel box
Konrad’s Dad gave him this amazing camel box which we discredit greatly by storing business receipts in. It really deserves it’s own place in the sun.

bookshelf decor ship bookend white flower candles
On the left bookshelf I’ve limited the pieces to all black and cream colors. The ship is actually a bookend which didn’t have a match at the thrift store, and the flower is a candle holder I picked up during one of many Michaels art store date nights (our favorite!).

bookshelf decor lady of shalott black globe
You may recognize this painting from the original Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse. I painted it in highschool for an art assignment and it has traveled from house to house with me ever since.

bookshelf decor old hotel key
My Grandma gifted me a bunch of old skeleton keys, this one from a hotel in Reading, Pennsylvania is one of my favorites.

bookshelf decor black and white cream
Also on the black and cream shelf are an eyeball paperweight, set of vintage mini record coasters, and this little guy we bought from a home goods store.

bookshelf decor headdress painting
The second painting of a headdress I did for our home in Chicago when we needed something to hang over the bed in lieu of a headboard. The frame is terribly old and needs a good cleaning, but in the meantime I’m happy to accommodate it.

Everything That Glitters

colorful sequin gems hearts starsIt was the last day of summer for Markie on Sunday. She came over for a first-day-of-school-eve bang trim which we finished pretty quickly, and then we had a whole afternoon to make use of. Usually when she and I hang we lay around looking up diys on Pinterest and google until we finally agree on one that only requires elements that are already in my house.

colorful sequin gems hearts stars
This day in particular took us to my boxes of craft supplies hidden away in a back stairwell, boxes I’ve been toting and storing for the last 10 or so years of my life. As a child I had a habit of saving things in their perfect new condition, much preferring a shiny and complete set of stickers to using them on notebooks that would wear the stickers down and eventually be thrown away. I’ve gotten over my stuff-preserving habits, but it does mean I have a lot of odds and ends that have never been used which actually comes in handy when your boyfriend is an artist who can use up an entire lifetime’s stash of art supplies in one weekend.

sequin photoshoot
So we dumped a big bag of beads and sequins and other small colorful paraphernalia and sorted out what we thought we could glue to our faces. The best part about hoarding things as a child is finally getting to use them one day which almost makes everything involved that much sweeter.

sequin photoshoot
We ended up choosing a bunch of flat colorful hexagons for her which were probably at one point confetti, and I used sequins in bronze, silver and gold for a subtle ombre effect which really works for me because I always sort everything by color (books, clothes, iPhone apps, computer dock icons), and also I have an inclination toward neutrals.

sequin photoshoot
She is super fun to photograph because she’s cute and fun and totally into it. It’s nice having someone around who gets my vision and we can make creative stuff together. I work creatively on Konrad’s art everyday, which is a blessing and I am so thankful times infinity that I get to do that. But when it comes to my own art we don’t usually collaborate as my aesthetic is much different from his. Not complaining – I think it’s a good thing to work both together and separately.

sequin photoshoot
Also having a sister to photograph you is the best because they already know your weirdness and goodness and you can tell them to be all YOU’RE LOOKING CRAZY RIGHT NOW if you are, and they do because sometimes you do look crazy.

sequin photoshoot
Now we’re just anxiously awaiting the day Taylor steps foot on Vermont soil again. Sisters are the best.

sequin photoshoot
sequin photoshoot
sequin photoshoot riley moore

The Most Inspiring Photos To Up Your Phone Photography Game

ippawards 2013 winnersStumbled across the 2013 winners from the iPhone Photography Awards. It’s amazing what can be done with a phone camera these days. It seems to be a common thought that you can just add a filter to your standard lunch/portrait/landscape photo and call it a day, but there really is an art to it.

Entries for next year run until March 31st, 2014, which is 7 whole months away. Seems like a good excuse to take more photos and exercise that photographic eye.

Let’s Talk Yoga

yoga in baliThis past week, my Mom asked my if I’d do yoga with her on Thursdays again. I used to do the class with her several years ago, until I took a full-time job and that fell by the wayside. Like I mentioned last week, I’ve never really been into yoga, so I immediately dismissed the idea, telling her if she wanted to do a dance class together, count me in. But I’ve been admiring the poses on Pinterest and Tumblr for years now, and the idea of an early morning practice has really started to stick in my head. Earlier today I saw an image of a girl’s progress in a pose over a three month span, and was totally blown away by how much flexibility she gained. So now I’m thinking… do I join the class? I’ve always thought of yoga as a way to quiet your mind (and it doesn’t do that for me). Maybe instead I should look at it as an addition to my fitness routine. Or maybe I just start with an at-home practice to make those splits a reality.

PS: How amazing is partner yoga?

partner yoga
Top image via Body Rocking Tips, bottom via Yoga