The Most Relaxing Song in the World

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Apparently scientists have determined that this song by the band Marconi Union is the most relaxing song in the world. I’ve been hitting play on it for the past hour and I think I agree (although I admit it is close to my bedtime!). It’s totally different from classical music, which I often put on when trying to relax, only to find myself completely distracted by the song itself.

Via Apartment Therapy

Asheville Snapshot

riley moore at the bilmore estate in ashevilleWould you forgive me if I said I have another busy seven days ahead, and will you please accept this awfully shadowed photo of me at the Biltmore Estate until I can get the rest of the Asheville photos together? Thank you. I love you.

A Movie Recommendation for Your Weekend and 3 Redbox Codes to Rent It For Free

django unchainedKonrad and I rented this for a lazy return after our trip to Asheville. It didn’t interest me particularly, but it was a part of this past awards season, and Konrad never goes wrong on movie choices. Long story short: we both loved it, were pumping our fists in the air throughout, and duh – Quentin Tarantino is one eccentric SOB. Rent it and love it.

I’m a big fan of RedBox and an even bigger fan of free movie codes. Try these: