Throwback Thursday: Jumping in Greece

Six years ago Taylor and I took a trip to Europe with our Dad, ending with this seaside photoshoot in Athens. After a week spent living off of frozen lemonade and greek pastries, staying up all night and sleeping all day (jetlag is forever), this was one of the most memorable parts of our trip.
sisters jumping at sunset by the sea

kicking jumping at sunset by the sea

kicking jumping at sunset by the sea

silhouette sisters at sunset by the sea


father daughter jumping photos by the sea


I am in the process of putting together my own (and first!) gallery show as part of my senior thesis at Warren Wilson College. From conception to execution, I have been solely slaving away for the past six months to make somethin outta nothin and create some new and original works of art. So check out these sneak peeks! Then give me some thoughts!
bathtub legs

tree legs

armchair legs

An excerpt from my artist statement:

My body of work, Long Legs, is a fusion between traditional portrait techniques and the use of digital editing software to create human forms that are not wholly human at all. I photograph real people in a variety of environments and then use digital manipulation to focus only on the legs. The similar use of color palette, lighting, and perspective flows throughout all of the images to create a domestic and comfortable dialogue between the figures and their surroundings.

When I made my first “leg-creature”, I wasn’t in any way sure what I was trying to do or say with the image. It was just challenging and weird and dark to create a figure that first sparked the comfort in familiarity of looking at a body, but quickly turns to unease and anxiety at the realization of the impossibility the figures represent. I’ve always recognized that I am more concerned with the visual aesthetic of my images, rather than conveying a specific message, emotion, or ideal through them, and so this project has taken form.

So, It’s Been A Few Years.

Hello darlings. It’s Taylor. Remember me? I’m the other half of this operation.
Taylor, 22

The last you heard from me was in 2010, and I apologize for that. I’m 22 now, living in North Carolina, and back with a whole new arsenal of life experiences to share.

But Taylor, what have you been doing, you ask? I’d tell you now, but then you’d have no reason to come back.