Thanksgiving Table Centerpieces

This Thursday will be the first holiday we’ll host in our current home. The timing is perfect as I recently got my mom hooked on Pinterest (follow me here), so she was extra inspired to fashion some inexpensive decor for the table. The only real idea going into it was to use to use corn kernels around candles, and put them in glass jars/vases/holders we would find at the thrift store. Here’s what we came up with!
materials to make thanksgiving table decorations
The materials used: popcorn, glass vases, cinnamon/nutmeg potpourri, votive & pillar candles, twine, leaf candle rings, and cranberries. We purchased seven vases (I prefer odd numbers in decor), all varying sizes and shapes. The only rule was that they had to have a lip on them, which helped tie the look together. The twine I had lying in a drawer, and the candles, candle rings, and potpourri ($2.99/each!) were from The Christmas Tree Store.

various nut materials to make thanksgiving table decorations
Separating the potpourri.

materials to make thanksgiving table decorations
Interesting shapes.

various nut materials to make thanksgiving table decorations
Varying harvest colors.

layering to make table centerpiece
For the most part we just layered things. Only one of the vases had the contents mixed together.

layering to make table centerpiece
We surrounded the candles for stability.

candle centerpiece
Some glasses only had one kind of filling in them (I think those are my favorites!).

layering to make table centerpiece
The cranberries add some color without overwhelming. They also help to keep things feeling fresh.

twine around the glass
I tied the twine around several of the jars to bring the look together. I think it keeps everything feeling natural without seeming too crafty.

thanksgiving centerpiece decorations
The finished pieces!

Weekend TV Marathon Recommendation

the colony discovery television show
I am admittedly fixated with survivalism. I watch The Walking Dead religiously, and when a “storm” of any sort rolls through the area, I’ve got my candles out and canned food supplies stocked. So when I heard of this pseudo-reality show based on what a group of survivors would do in the aftermath of global destruction… yep, sign me up. Konrad and I blew through both seasons in a matter of a week. The forced situations are pretty cheesy, but here’s another admission… I like bad TV. And the things they create are pretty cool. Watching people scavenge random materials and turn them into vehicles, radio transmitters and showers… there’s no better way to spend a Friday night.

Luck of all luck, both seasons are on Netflix Instant. AND it’s Friday. GO!

My Favorite Thing To Do While Grocery Shopping

shopping cart with handbag and cinnamon pinecones
For those long trips at the grocery store (the kind that warrant a cart), I’ve taken to sticking a bag of cinnamon pinecones next to my handbag. Then I do my grocery shopping, and I put them away before check out. I get a nice long hit of that amazing smell, and don’t have to pay a penny for it! Free aromatherapy 🙂