Warby Parker Round Two

Because I just couldn’t leave well enough alone, I decided to place another order and try some different colors and styles. Cue gratuitous face shots (I promise after this I’ll take a break for awhile, seeing your face show up on google images is kind of startling):

warby parker crosby revolver black

Crosby in Revolver Black – Initially didn’t catch my eye, but these are the boyfriends favorite which obviously makes me do a rethink.

warby parker webb whiskey tortoise matte

Webb in Whiskey Tortoise Matte – The style I chose as number 1 in the color I thought I’d love… meh.

warby parker griffin revolver black

Griffin in Revolver Black – Sorta dopey but I kind of love them.

warby parker winston revolver black

Winston in Revolver Black – Similar to first pair, but boyfriend says “too Run DMC”.

warby parker sinclair greystone

Sinclair in Greystone – I quite like this color but the shape does nothing for me.

So after all the try-ons and opinions… I am obscenely confused. Go with the first pair I loved (Webb)? Dorky but awesome pair (Griffin)? Trust the boyfriends instincts (Crosby)? Help (?)??