Outdoor Lighting Inspiration

1. Alyssa Ettinger Shop
2. The Best of Martha Stewart Living: Weddings
3. Miranda Lehman
9. Wonderlane on flickr
10. The now defunct Domino Magazine
11. Kasbah Agafay Hotel in Morocco
13. Tina and Patrick on flickr

*I’ve been collecting photos for years into huge folders on my computer, and sometimes it’s hard for me to figure out where they all came from. If you know who took any of these please let me know! And if it’s yours and you’d like it removed, already done.

In My Absence


summer tie dye girl

beta fish

1. Veggie kabobs, chicken and corn in insane ranch dressing. BBQing is a requisite for summer.
2. Annual photoshoot with our little sister in a field near our parents house.
3. Gorgeous betta fish from a centerpiece at my friends wedding last weekend. My cat has neglected to eat the fish but instead opts for yanking the silk plants out of the bowl.